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Friday, 18 March 2011

Guns and Worlds easiest Driving Test

I will start of with Driving in America..I can not believe i paid 20$ for my driving permit! In Germany and England you pay an arm and a leg to learn how to drive. In Germany it costs around 2000euros and you have to take classes, do a written test and then do a certain amount of driving with an instructor before you are even allowed to take your driving test. They even make sure you do a certain amount of driving at night and in different weather conditions if possible. I took my test for my driving permit in Clarksville in Nov and i didnt even study much. I read the booklet and went to take the test as i figured most of it is just common sence. I was really nervous but everyone told me it would be easy as and that i had nothing to worry about. I got to the DMV pulled a ticket waited a while and then had to go into the testing room. There must have been 10 computers up against the wall so close to each other that i could have probably seen what the person next to me was answering if someone was sat there. All i had to do was answer 30 questions, and it even gave you options a,b,c or d!!!! WOW. After that i had my picture taken, i got handed my permit and was free to sit in a car and drive! Seriously i was gobsmacked lol. I had tried driving once or twice before but never on busy roads or anything. Just on the back roads on base where no one goes. It's is beyond me why this is even allowed but it makes life a whole lot easier for me that it is so simple to get a license. Jon had stopped the truck on the way home and told me to drive..I wasn't ready to sit in his big ass chevy truck with cars all over the place but i guess the best way to learn is to be thrown into the deep end. It was fun. I was actually better at driving then i thought. Im going to take my driving test hopefully in April which is only going to cost another 20$ and from everyone i have heard that took their test in Clarksville, you drive around the DMV and park your car and you have it lol. As much as i think it is great that its easy and gives people the opportunity to get their license even when they dont have a lot money it really is bad. People dont know what an INDICATOR is and as soon as there is a bit of snow the whole of Clarksville shuts down. What did i read in the papers...74accidents in 3 hours. I wonder why?
This is the best picture i have of our truck right now but this thing makes me feel small. Im your average 5ft 6. I haven't mastered how to park the thing yet either haha i just cant see anything over the steering wheel. I also still freak out a little when im turning corners when there are cars left and right. It is all good though, i will just need to practise a little more.

Now to a topic that makes my anxiety hit the roof every time i think about it. GUNS! Before i moved to America i was not aware how many people have a gun or 5. Wether it be on them or in there house this freaks me out. I have never lived in a place where this is ok. I remember when Jon said to me he wanted to get a gun for home protection. My answer was "You can get stuffed if you think a gun is coming anywhere near me or my house!!" The thought of having a gun around me scared the hell out of me. When we found the house we wanted to buy everything seemed ok. The house was in a cul-de-sac and the neighbourhood seemed queit. After we had finished the closing out and stuff we were driving down our road when we saw the neighbour who lives 4 doors down. We stopped to ask what it was like in the area. He went on telling us how our neighbour right next door JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL FOR SHOOTING IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD!!!! From this day on i didn't feel safe at all (I never felt safe in the old townhouse but it wasn't as bad). The first thing we got installed in our new house was the security system. This super high tech awesome thing...but i still dont feel safe. Jon leaves for work at 0530 and i will not go back to sleep because im scared someone will break into the house and do something to me. Reading the local newspaper with a new story every week about another shooting or body found or break in probably doesnt help either. I have been to many places in America and i know not all places are as bad as Clarksville but no matter where i go in America it just feels different when it comes to feeling safe. I guess for Americans the whole gun thing is normal and may seem like im crazy but when you dont grow up with this kind of lifestyle it is pretty scary. I do try to come to terms with the fact that it is ok but it is very hard to accept it. When i found out Jon was deploying my first thought was, a knife under my pillow a baseball bat next to my bed and a gun. Yes i want a gun. Im scared to have one but i want one and god forbid i ever have to use it. And you know whats crazy...Jon took me to a gun shop to check out some guns and the lady at the store told me if someone breaks in and trys to go for me its better to SHOOT and KILL because you will get away with it as it was self defence but if you SHOOT and WOUND someone you will get charged for attempted murder?? How twisted is that! I got to shoot 2 guns. A pistol and a Revolver.

I couldnt handle either of them..They were just to big and to powerful for my little hands. Im not even sure if a gun will make me feel any safer in the house because im now paranoid someone will find it and use it to shoot me . Dont laugh! lol. Ahh thanks America for my Anxiety.

So there you have my experience with driving in America and the fact that it is perfectly normal to have a gun. I feel stupid for being so scared but i feel like i live in a movie. No guest blogger just yet but a few people have said they would share some experiences of traveling and long distance relationships. If you would to share anything just leave a comment or email me. Always look forward to reading other peoples experiences. Tomorrow i think im going to talk about FOOD. Have a great weekend!


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  2. Guns are right for some and not right for others I choose not to have a gun as well

  3. If it makes you feel any better I've lived in America my whole life (with the exception of 4 years overseas) and I've NEVER even seen a handgun in real life. The only guns that neighbors or friends may have is a hunting rifle...still dangerous but used in a sport..not for protection.
    Maybe it's the areas I've always lived in but guns have never been part of my life here.
    My husband travels a lot but the thought of a gun in the house scares me more than not having one.
    I'm sure your life here in America will be peaceful....and hopefully gun-free! :)

  4. Lol! You know, I have been driving for quite a long while but I still have a hard time with big pickup trucks. So you're not alone on that :) That is crazy about how easy it is here vs. Germany!

    My husband is an armed security guard so he has to have a gun on him at work and at home, which still makes me nervous.

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  6. Well, your account of your arrival has made me smile and I wanted to give you the Versatile Blogger Award! Follow the link to my site and have fun sharing this as well!


    Have a great weekend!


  7. Hey, I have to admit that yes the part about waiting is by far the worst part. I also have to check and double check and file everything until i feel it is right, of course it was correct the first 2 times but you can never be too sure. I am busy with a K1 Visa and my fiance' is in the military too. We have now been apart for almost 15 months and being away from him is awful to say the least. I am glad your visa process was not a very trying experience, ours has been the longest wait since USCIS is back logged and are busy catching up. Thank you for sharing your story and reassuring the rest of us that are busy with the visa process.