Welcome to my Blog ''Arrived in America'' It's all about my travels to America, My LDR for 19months with my husband, My immigration story and my New life in America. Im also looking for people to share their experiences with me and others who read. If you would like to add something to this blog, advice, pictures, or just your story please e-mail me!
I hope you enjoy it =)

America Part 1 - 1st Visit

As you may have already figured out by now i am a British sweetheart who immigrated to America in July 2010. Life in America is crazy. Its so different so i wanted to share some pictures and write about my different experiences =) Here are 2 links that you can also visit: A blog post about American English and British English I say Bangers, you say Sausage and My Immigration Story My Journey on my other blog.

America Part 1  My first time in America.

My first ever visit to America was in May 2009. I was so excited to be seing my Love again but also about seing America. The image i had in my head was Sky Scrapers everywhere, nothing green, lots of fashion and just the kind of things you see in sex and the city lol (I think i watched to much TV). The plan was stay in Clarksville for 2 nights and then drive to Gatlinburg, TN for 4 days and then stay in Clarksville for the last night. The first thing that amazed me was a BEN & JERRYs store at the airport..OMG!!
My first time ever seing a truck or sitting in one was when my Love picked me up from nashville airport. How cool are trucks? Its so much fun and i got to drive it for the first time around the hotel lol. Not that i can drive.  
The first night in the hotel was ok. I was shattered from traveling 16hours but i had a Monster which made sure i stayed awake for some time. We have Redbull but not Monster. Woah i could not shut my eyes.
On my 2nd day in America we went to Nashville to go buy an XM Radio? i think it was called for the Truck. We didnt spend much time in Nasvhille but i saw my first ever yellow taxi, my first Limo Hummer & biggest cup of Coke from Mcdonalds! I literaly had my camera glued to my hand to catch every moment lol
The drive to Gatlinburg was 4hrs long. It was so nice to be with my Love again. My image of America changed very quick after seing Clarksville, Nashville and then on our trip to Gatlinburg. EVERYTHING was green, there really wasn't that many tall buildings like i thought there would be. The roads were different and so were the cars and trucks and lorrys (Semi truck!). The view was just amazing and  so was the pretty little PINK house i saw..

We rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains with a Jacuzzi on the deck. It was higher up in the mountains and it was so amazing to stand on the deck and see how different it looked from hour to hour with the weather changing. After we got our cabin booked we decided to go on a tour with ATVs in the Smokey Mountains till our cabin was ready. We were in a group of 4 and then the owner of the ATVs. Me and Jon were the only ones who came back covered in Mud and absoulutly soaking wet haha. It was a blast.

Oh i forgot to flash something..We got Engaged!!! haha..
I had Arbies for the first time. I had NEVER seen a beef burger like an Arbies burger in my life. It tasted good though.

There were animals everywhere we went. We got so close to Bears and Coyotes and Turkeys and there were Ducks everywhere :)
I saw a lot of Cows to but i have NEVER seen a black and white cow in America..So strange..I saw a plastic one though haha and this funny sign

We were out all day every day. We went to most of the Ripley's Adventures, we got our pictures taken, we visited some Waterfalls and just spent lots of time together.

After 4 amazing days we in Gatlinburg we drove back to Clarksville to spend the night there before i had to fly back home again. I got to see a bit of Ft Campbell before i flew back too. Im a big fan of Helicopters and it was amazing to see the ones on base.
All in all my first time in America was AMAZING. It was nothing like i thought it was going to be. It was totally different but i had so much fun.