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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Its going to be a long flight

What is the Longiest you have travelled by plane?

Mine was 18hours to America. I have never had a direct flight. Ive had to fly from Düsseldorf to Paris then Atlanta and then Nashville, Düsseldorf to Amsterdam to Newark then Nashville, Düsseldorf to New York to Atlanta and then Nashville and this time i am flying from Düsseldorf to COPENHAGEN to Newark and then Nashville.
Im excited because its another stop i have not yet been to. When i flew back at christmas i had to fly from Nashville to New York to SWEDEN to hamburg because my flight got cancelled and then i had to get the train to Dusseldorf. I got to see Sweden out my window..it was beautiful and everything was covered in snow. My family worrys about me when i travel but i dont know why. Im a little traveler and i love it! I started traveling around Germany at 14 at 16 i started flying to England and now i fly all the way to America.

Amie from A meaning of optimist left me a comment yesterday in the Coffee shop saying she thought it was fun to read this blog because she is from America and the things i talk about that are crazy to me are totally normal to her. I never thought about it till she said that and i had to laugh because i was thinking people who come across my blog and read how i got excited about a yellow taxi or a HUGE drink from Mcdonalds must think im weird and that im really easy to please lol. 

Anyway im hoping to post something from a Guest Blogger possibly tomorrow. If i get it in time. Otherwise i will be posting a bit about things that are strange to me in America like being able to have a gun and my first experience shooting. Have a great day!


  1. Cute new blog! Geez, never a direct flight?!? That is too bad. Does make for one looooong day!

  2. Love this blog too!! I’m now the newest follower of your great site. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog, have a look around and hopefully follow me back!!

  3. Haha, it is true though! I am looking forward to your new discoveries :)

  4. @NADIAN not Nadine haha..Thanks girl! Im excited for your guest blog. I will message you in a couple of weeks once i have settled back in with some questions.

    @Monica Thanks for stopping by, im your newest follower!

    @Amie you inspired me to change the name of my blog from its the start of something new to through my eyes..I think it fits perfect!

  5. I'm following your new blog too! Looking forward to your posts! I remember 5 yrs ago when I first came to America. I learned a lot of new things and am still learning until now. :)

  6. Looks like a long journey! But it's for a new life, it's always exciting. Looking forward reading how you get on other there. Take care

  7. You've got me beat by an hour:) My longest was 17 hours...Bangkok to NYC. If you count the 2 hour flight from Hanoi Bangkok and the hour and half from NYC to Boston it's 21 but there were layovers in there...Thankfully! But after you do that crazy long flight, everything else seems short:)

    I came by from the Milspouse round up!